General Design Criteria


Standard Windowsills

Windowsills are supplied cut to size complete with fixing accessories. If sills are supplied in long standard lengths to be cut on site they will not be pre-drilled.
The setting out for the drilling must be carried out as follows:

  • The distance between any two lug fixing holes should be approximately 400 mm.
  • The distance between the end of the Windowsill and the first and last hole should not exceed 75 mm.

Other Windowsill Applications

Consult EVERITE for designs of a special nature: for example timber and steel framed structures. This service is provided free of charge and without obligation, but architects, engineers and specifiers must finally approve the acceptability in terms of the design and construction criteria, as well as other implications.

Fixing Accessories

The underside of the sill is pre-drilled to receive the lug and a self-tapping screw.

Site Service

Site service personnel are available on request and at no charge, to provide assistance on recommended storage, handling and erection of the Company’s products.