Safety and Handling Instructions



Manufactured from Nutec fibre-cement, Nutec Roof Slates do not contain asbestos fibre and are therefore
excluded from the following:

  • Asbestos Regulations of 2001, which forms part of the Act No. 85: Occupational Health and Safety.
  • South African Code SANS 10229: Packaging of dangerous goods for road and rail transportation in South Africa.

Nutec Roof Slates do not pose any adverse effects on the environment. Off-cuts and dust created during
site work may be disposed off on any non-hazardous waste landfill site.


Installation and maintenance

  • Although the Nutec Roof Slates are manufactured without asbestos fibres, it is nevertheless recommended that tools which do not create excessive dust are used when working with the product. Ordinary carpenters’ hand tools can be used effectively.
  • Use duckboards as walking areas on the roof to avoid damage to slates and injury to workers.
  • Wear soft soled shoes for better grip.
  • Do not carry heavy loads over completed areas of the roof or use these as staging posts for the next section.
  • During loading of roof, do not stack more than 3 bundles (30 slates) in any one position on the roof.
  • Do not exceed recommended purlin spacing.

Storage and Handling Instructions

General Handling
Nutec Roof Slates are manufactured from a composite material containing cement and may be damaged
under excessively high shock loads. Reasonable care should therefore be taken to ensure that the products
are not dropped or subjected to rough handling. This is particularly important to avoid damage to the
coated surface and chipping of the edges.


  • Prior to Installation Nutec Roof Slates must remain on pallets and kept under cover until installed.
  • Strict stock rotation should be adhered to.

Storage On-site:

  • A suitable level compacted area must be made available where Nutec Roof Slates can be stored safely so that they cannot be damaged or soiled by passing traffic.
  • They must be stacked clear off the ground on suitable timber supports to a maximum height of 25 bundles (10 slates per bundle).
  • Preplanning: Adequate preplanning of deliveries should be made to ensure that Nutec products are not stored on site for excessive periods. If this is unavoidable, they should be kept under cover until installed.


  • When removing strapping from bundled slates, care should be taken that snips are used.
  • On no account must the strapping be levered off, as this may damage the slates.
  • Refer to Fig 1 for Cutting Slate Tiles
  • For straight cutting of Nutec Roof Slates, a scriber or any other sharp object is all that is required to scribe the surface of the slate. The slate will break on this line if held firmly on a flat surface with a straight edge and the surplus part snapped off.

See schedule of Recommended Slating Tools.

Straight cutting of Nutec Roof Slates