Nutec Ceiling Insulation Installation


Installation guidelines

  • Measure the distance between the timber roof trusses.
  • Cut the Ceiling Insulation while still in the bag to the correct width to fit the space between the roof trusses.
  • Roll out the Ceiling Insulation between the roof trusses on top of the ceiling.
  • Lay the Ceiling Insulation under any wiring and cut round down lighters to prevent over heating of light fitting.
  • Wrap off-cuts around pipes to prevent freezing during winter. See sketch below.
  • Wear a dust mask in dusty ceiling conditions. Romatherm is a non-irritant and will not cause the skin to itch or irritate nasal and lung air-ways.
  • Cut a minimum clearance of 90mm around chimney flues, exhaust fans or low voltage down lighters.
  • Cut a minimum clearance of 25mm around recessed down lighters.
  • Minimum clearances:  Please refer to sketch below.