Safety, Handling and Storage Instructions



Manufactured from Nutec fibre-cement, Nutec Building Planks do not contain asbestos fibre and are therefore excluded from the following:

  • Asbestos Regulations of 2001, which forms part of the Act No. 85: Occupational Health and Safety.
  • South African Code SANS 10229: Packaging of dangerous goods for road and rail transportation in South Africa.

They do not pose any adverse effects on the environment. Off-cuts and dust created during site work may be disposed off on any non-hazardous waste landfill site.


Safety rules as per current legislation and work practices as described in General Installation Guidelines must be observed when working with the product. Although Nutec Building Planks are manufactured without asbestos fibres, it is nevertheless recommended that when working with the product, tools that create excessive dust should not be used. Ordinary carpenters’ tools can be used effectively.


Nutec Building Planks are cement-based and may be damaged under excessively high shock loads. Reasonable care should therefore be taken to ensure that the products are not dropped or subjected to rough handling.


Nutec Building Planks should not be exposed to the elements and under cover storage is recommended. It is recommended that products be stored covered to keep them dirt-free before installation to prevent
build-up of dust that will affect paint adhesion. A smooth level under cover area should therefore be made available where they can be stacked safely. They should be stacked clear off the ground on suitable timber supports at maximum 400 mm centres and the edges and corners protected against possible damage. Stacking height should not exceed 500 mm with cantilever not exceeding 100 mm.