• Relatively light in weight, Nutec Building Planks can be supported on light gauge metal frames or light timber structures. These factors facilitate easy handling and erection and are major benefits on projects where low mass construction is an important factor.
  • It features all the intrinsic benefits of Nutec Fibre Cement.
  • Nutec Building Planks are supplied in their natural colour and they can be painted on site with an acrylic PVA, or any other water-based paint without pre-treatment.
  • Manufactured to the highest internal quality standards and compliance is ensured by strict quality assurance programmes in the production process as well as stringent testing in our laboratory.
  • EVERITE products are manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
  • Nutec Building Planks can be used for the cladding of external or internal walls in timber and lightweight steel frame construction. See the South African Building Code SANS 10082 for more details on timber construction

Product Range

Nutec Building Planks Product Range, Dimensions and Properties

Classic Building Planks (Plain)

Vermont Building Planks (Timber Grain)


Classic Building Planks (Plain)                               Vermont Building Planks (Timber Grain)