Installation Guidelines



General Installation Guidelines

  • Although Nutec Building Columns are asbestos-free, it is still recommended that the creation of excessive dust be avoided.
  • Determine whether any cut-outs in the column are required for service, water outlets, bolts etc. and cut out before the column is placed in position.
  • When setting up a column on a concrete base, the column must be kept in position by framing the base of the column with a timber frame which is nailed down to the concrete base. A similar timber frame to which the stays for bracing can be attached should be fixed to the top end of the column.
  • Ensure that the reinforcing steel is properly positioned.
  • While pouring the concrete check the bracing and ensure that the column is in a plumb position and that the reinforcing remains correctly positioned. Concrete in longer columns should be done incrementally to avoid the Nutec Building Column from bursting open at the base.
  • Do not tap sides of column with a hammer to distribute the concrete, use a concrete vibrator.
  • Do not lean ladders against the column for pouring of concrete, use platforms.
  • Clean off excess concrete which may have splashed onto the column before it hardens.
  • Bracing can be removed after a minimum of 48 hours.