General Design Criteria


Supporting Structure
To ensure a high standard of finish, it is essential that the supporting structure is accurate and sound. Warped, twisted or poor quality battens will reflect in the finished surface of the ceiling and for best results selected structural grade timber should be used. When a perfectly flat ceiling is required and lighting conditions are such that the slightest unevenness would be accentuated, the brandering should be accurately sized and the spacing decreased.

Soffit Applications
For soffit applications areas where high wind pressures prevail, an architect or engineer should be consulted for particular fixing and framing conditions.

Condensation normally has no effect on Nutec Ceiling Boards, but it is nevertheless recommended that the space between the ceiling and the roof is adequately ventilated.

Fixing Accessories
A specially designed range of fixing accessories such as nails, H-profile strips and cornices are obtainable from EVERITE, full details are scheduled under Fixing Accessories.

Site Service
Site service personnel are available on request, to provide assistance on recommended storage, handling and installation of Everite’s products.

Standard Brandering for Different Truss Spacings
The size of brandering used to construct the supporting framework for the Nutec Ceiling Boards is dependent on the spacing of trusses or rafters. Refer to Table 1.

Nutec Ceiling Boards must be stored indoors.