Nutec Building Columns


Nutec Building Columns are used in many and varied applications. Due to the inherent properties of Nutec, the columns are strong, durable and can be used as a permanent shuttering for reinforced concrete.

Contemporary trends in architecture show that columns are being used internally and externally for functional and aesthetic considerations. Due to their strength and durability the applications of Nutec Building Columns range from simple supports for carports and garden pergolas to sophisticated aesthetically pleasing entrance façade features.

In many coastal areas, constraints such as sand dunes, vegetation and steep terrains make the use of conventional strip foundations costly and time consuming. Nutec Building Columns placed on concrete bases and filled with reinforced concrete, used to support the elevated main structure, will avoid massive foundation work and back filling which would otherwise be required.

As permanent shuttering for reinforced concrete columns they form an integral part of the structure performing a practical function as well as being aesthetically pleasing due to the true circular shape and naturally good outside finish. No further treatment such as plastering is required. Nutec Building Columns are supplied in their natural grey colour and are compatible with a variety of in situ applied coatings and paints.



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